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Our Story

CMPG was founded in 1998 as a consulting firm specializing in the areas of strategic sourcing, vendor and supplier management, risk management and productivity. In 2008, the CMPG team brought VendorInsight® to the market to help customers manage large vendor populations. Since then, VendorInsight® has grown significantly, achieving enterprise status with more than 350 customers and affiliates using the platform.

In 2017, CMPG released Procipient®, an easy-to-use and highly-effective universal Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) evaluation framework software to complement VendorInsight® and deliver integration at the enterprise level. Procipient® expands and strengthens CMPG’s portfolio of SaaS software that allows businesses to manage the complete array of ERM and ERM-related areas like Cybersecurity, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Complex Project and Technology Risk, and SOC assessments.

We put you first, every step of the way.

Customer Service

VendorInsight® combines innovative technology with deep expertise and unmatched customer service. We provide our customers with a committed team of experts to ensure their success in the increasingly-stringent environment of third party risk management. Our customers are our pride.


VendorInsight® is recognized as the industry’s top third party and vendor risk management software solution designed for those who demand the best vendor risk assessment tools, features, and automation for their vendor management process.


VendorInsight® achieves 100% compliance with the latest regulatory guidance across many industries and ensures favorable audit and examination results whether you are a large financial institution, small community bank, healthcare company, credit union, power generation utility, manufacturer, retailer, or more.

Meet Our Team

CMPG Risk Solutions delivers more than 60 years of combined financial services experience in operations, IT management, vendor management, risk management, audit, and finance. Members of our leadership team have held positions as C-level leaders at leading financial institutions where they were responsible for solving complex technological problems. Our tenure allows us to deliver some of the most highly effective risk solutions on the market.

President and CEO:

Grant Karnes

Grant founded CMPG in 1998 and currently serves as the CEO of CMPG, LLC and as President of CMPG Risk Solutions Group which includes VendorInsight®, VRM Pro™, and Procipient® . Grant believes that great companies have great customer satisfaction and that great customer satisfaction starts with the customer being present in every important discussion at CMPG, whether it is strategy, development, service and support or innovation. Grant’s leadership focuses on quality, innovation, leadership and agility in all aspects of the company’s operations and this is the strategic basis of CMPG’s mission.

Battery recharge:

Grant enjoys spending weekends in the summer months at race tracks around the country as a high-performance driving instructor. In the winter, chasing powder in Utah, Colorado or British Columbia becomes his favorite pastime. Grant also enjoys mountain biking, cycling, tennis, and golf, especially when those pursuits intersect with good food, good wine, family and great friends!

Chief Regulatory Officer:

Jay Fitzhugh

Jay oversees VendorInsight®’s Customer Implementation teams and the VRM Pro™ and Vendor Evaluation analyst services team, VendorEval™. Attention to detail and an in-depth working knowledge of client issues, regulations and best practices make Jay an invaluable part of every customer success. His prior leadership and C-level positions in banking and his work as an executive project consultant for CMPG give him unprecedented insight into the issues facing VendorInsight® customers. Jay believes that great companies take care of their customers and that great leaders give selflessly, confident in their knowledge and ability to be successful in the future by paying attention to details, trends and concerns.

Battery recharge:

Jay enjoys time with his wife and children, playing music on his vintage guitars, and the endless pursuit of making his ’32 Ford hot rod steel-fendered custom coupe the best it can be. Jay is an accomplished and acclaimed automotive writer for the high-end publication, The Rodder’s Journal.

Chief Development Officer and Senior Vice President:
Jacques Smith

Jacques currently oversees software development and product innovation at VendorInsight®, managing the team of developers that is continually improving the customer experience by delivering agile releases throughout the year that meet the ever-changing and evolving demands of VendorInsight®’s customers as they scale their vendor risk management programs.

Battery recharge:

Jacques is an accomplished artist both musically and visually. When he is not playing the guitar he is creating awesome photographs and using Photoshop in impressively creative ways.

Chief Financial Officer:

Fran Baltmiskis

Fran was a founding member of CMPG in 1998 and currently serves CFO and Director of Human Resources for the company. Fran had worked with IBM and Bank of America prior to CMPG and recognizes that great companies are made up great people and is very proud of the team that makes up CMPG and their commitment to our customers.

Battery recharge:

Fran enjoys weekends at the lake and spending lots of time outdoors. He is avid fly fisherman and loves to cook, travel and spend time with his children and grandchildren.

Operations Director:

Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox oversees Sales and Customer Operations for VendorInsight® and Procipient®, managing the teams that support our growth and customer support. Ryan is an advocate for a customer centric strategy which aligns with the values set by our founder, Grant Karnes. Ryan believes a customer centric strategy starts from the day you first hear about our company and never stops. We strive to build trust and ongoing relationships that help our customers understand how much we truly care about their success. This is what drives our continued growth and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Battery recharge:

Ryan enjoys staying active whenever possible. If the weather in Cincinnati allows for it that is! On weekends you will find him kayaking or at a local lake with friends and family. He enjoys traveling frequently and visiting friends across the country. “The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Director of Vendor Analysis:

Mike Samek

Mike oversees VendorInsight®’s Vendor Evaluation Services, VendorEval™. He also supports VRM Pro™ customer initiatives, directs vendor on-site reviews, and advises customers on industry best-practices.  His prior experience in the banking, regulatory, insurance, and healthcare industries gives him a vast array of knowledge and insight to help support the customer experience.  Mike’s attention to detail and belief in ensuring the customer has timely information in their hands to make key business decisions provides the element of quality customer service that VendorInsight® strives for.

Battery recharge:

Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and family, bike riding, hunting waterfowl and turkeys, and cooking.  After a hard day’s work, you might find Mike at a local brewery sipping on a newly tapped craft beer.

Interested in joining the team?

If you want to be a part of our team and you think you have the skills to add value for our clients, we look forward to hearing from you!