Business Continuity Management System Integrates to VendorInsight!

With release 6.8.0 we’ve fully integrated our BCP-INSIGHT™ and VendorINSIGHT® systems into a single Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) suite. Look for more important enterprise risk features and services to be introduced in 2015.

With total database integration and crossover matrix user credentialing, now our customers can define roles and workflow that transcends the traditional departmental boundaries to see risks, vulnerabilities and remediation statuses across vendors, departments, and business processes. This is a significant advancement for our solution and a leading capability among industry solutions.

CMPG’s patent-pending BCP solution brings the user-friendliness, rapid implementation, and reliability of VendorINSIGHT® to the BCP/DR arena as our competitors continue to struggle to keep up with our rapidly advancing lead in the industry!

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