Cybersecurity Monitoring

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What's Your Cyber Risk Score?

Every successful risk management program should include a Cyber Risk Score. This score gives you the information to identify third-party risks and allows you to take actionable measures to protect your organization from cyberattacks. VendorInsight® has partnered with NormShield to allow our clients to monitor their cyber risks as well as the entire cyber health of their vendor ecosystem. With color-coded letter-grade scores, you will have a clear picture on exactly where your security position stands, how it compares against your competitors and how to stay compliant on standards and regulations.

Self-Risk Assessment

Understand what hackers already know about you and protect yourself from cyberattacks. The scorecard provides actionable results and easy-to-understand information for business executives while providing detailed data and recommendations for information security.`

Third-Party Risk Management

Sharing confidential and important information with your suppliers and vendors is required. How can you ensure your vendors are handling your information securely? It’s essential you identify which vendors are secure and measure how much. Our scorecards allow you to monitor and manage third-party cyber risk for thousands of vendors in minutes.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurers identify an organization’s cyber risk by asking a series of questions. With the scorecard, cyber insurers can evaluate the cyber risk of any organization in minutes and offer better coverage and service. Cyber insurers can also continuously monitor the changes in the risk scores of cyber insurance policy holders.

We enable organizations to take control of their external cyber risk position by performing non-intrusive cyber risk assessments of their suppliers, subsidiaries, and target acquisitions. Easy to understand scorecards provide letter-grades by risk category, prioritizing your risk and detailing how to mitigate each one.

  • Manage vendor risk
  • 60-seconds risk assessment
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Non-intrusive scan
  • Executive intelligence
  • Compliance (NIST, GDPR, etc.)
  • Cyber threat intelligence

Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard

Fast. No-Touch. No-setup. Non-intrusive.

The Rapid Cyber Risk Scorecard evaluates your company in 60 seconds.

  • Instant cyber risk position
  • 11 categories, 250+ security checklist items
  • Visibility to cyber risk posture for SMBs
  • User interface or API based and fully automated
  • Optimized for Cyber insurance underwrites & vendor due diligence.

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard

Detailed. Non-intrusive.

The Comprehensive Cyber Risk Scorecard is for those needing detailed findings.

  • Non-intrusive scan
  • 20 categories, 500+ security checklist items
  • Visibility to a detailed cyber risk position
  • First step of Cyber Kill Chain = Hacker reconnaissance
  • Perfect for self risk assessments and vendor risk management

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