Top tier vendor management software for financial institutions.

If you are a financial institution, VendorInsight® is the vendor management software for you that will give you the confidence and protection you need.

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VendorInsight® is a leader in the banking and financial services industry.

Your challenge. You must adhere to the financial industry’s most stringent requirements, guidelines and laws for third and fourth party risk management. From cybersecurity threats and information security, to a heavy reliance on vendors for mission critical systems and services, having a robust, complete and scalable third party risk management system is essential.

As one of the most mature, full-featured and scalable software solutions, with clients ranging in size from community banks and credit unions less than $1 Billion in assets to large super-regional institutions over $80 Billion in assets, we understand how to make you successful.

We’ve got this.

Our software delivers 100% of the capabilities required of your third party risk management program in today’s environment and meets the regulatory guidance and prescribed requirements of ALL regulating bodies, both federal and state.

  • Federal Reserve
  • OCC
  • FDIC
  • CFPB
  • GLBA
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Dodd-Frank
  • SEC
  • NYDFS500

Just add water.

With process and assessment templates recognized by auditors and bank examiners as being best-in class, you can be up and running on VendorInsight® immediately. We provide you with pre-built templates for criticality assessments, risk assessments, vendor performance reviews, vendor onboarding questionnaires, and more.

Even better, you can customize any of them to do exactly what you are doing today if you think your program is perfect just the way it is! With hundreds of customers successfully using VendorInsight®, we have the know-how, expertise and capability to help you implement a thorough and efficient third party and fourth party risk management system that will meet every requirement expected of you.

Hear it from our clients.

Check out how United Bankshares, Inc. tackled some of their toughest challenges with VendorInsight®!