Multi-Level Enterprise Vendor Management Comes to VendorInsight®

Not all of your vendors, suppliers and third parties demand the same attention. And the differentiation extends well before you ever do a risk assessment. As we’ve worked with customers that range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-market companies, we’ve developed a groundbreaking approach to segmenting vendors and their workflow. If you are interested in learning how enterprise data integration, centralized vendor record keeping and vendor metadata can work together to give you control over your entire vendor list and payees, check out a demo of VendorINSIGHT® and see it in action.

Once again, VendorINSIGHT® is leading the industry in business process workflow and integration to ensure that the ROI on your vendor management system is high. We’re excited about Release 6.7 and the control and data centralization it gives our customers. Even our smallest customers are benefitting from this important new feature.

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