Checking Up on Your 2019 VRM Program

As the fourth quarter of 2019 gets underway, the prevailing trends in vendor risk management (VRM) are a lack of time, money and resources. Those same companies that are struggling to dedicate their efforts to VRM are also becoming more and more aware of the increased scrutiny from regulators on third-party vendor risks.


Improving your VRM program is part of your midyear strategic check-in, VendorInsight® is the comprehensive resource for your business. With its monitoring and evaluation features, outsourced vendor risk management solution in VRM Pro™, and industry-leading automation of processes, policies and workflows, VendorInsight® provides the tools to face any risk management hurdle. Download our whitepaper today and request a free demo of VendorInsight® to find out how a VRM solution can help you manage your third-party vendor relationships, maintain compliance with regulators and meet your business objectives.



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