Finding the Right VRM Solution for $25B to $75B Banks

There are fewer than 40 banks in the U.S. managing between $25 billion and $75 billion in assets.


These financial institutions have heightened regulatory and organizational challenges when it comes to managing their third- and fourth-party (vendor) relationships as a result of:

  • Higher level of scrutiny from regulatory bodies than smaller banks.
  • Decentralization of stakeholders and subject matter expertise.
  • Multiple affiliates and multiple geographic locations.
  • Unique areas of specialization.


“In banking, we talk a lot about having to Know Your Customer, or as it’s often referenced, KYC. Because of their heavy reliance on third- party vendors, banks really need to get to know these entities also,” said Jay Fitzhugh, Executive Vice President and Chief Regulatory Advisor for CMPG Risk Solutions.



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