How Much Are Broken Processes Costing Your Organization

Business processes are fundamental to every company’s ability to effectively execute their strategic imperatives. Broken processes can cost an organization money in terms of time, lost revenue, higher production costs, unhappy customers, and frustrated employees; all things that will have a direct negative impact to the bottom line.


Each year, organizations are forced to address improvements in process through the budget cycle. For most managers, budgeting can be stressful, because managers know they will be asked once again to look for ways to reduce operating cost… “To do more with less”!


The typical approach in these situations comes in the form of a directive from the CEO or CFO, that operating expenses must be reduced by some percentage in the upcoming year. Such a directive usually translates into eliminating head-count, delaying the implementation of needed technology enhancements, delaying new projects, eliminating non-revenue generating programs such as employee training and development, reducing or eliminating community event sponsorships, etc. The list can be endless. In the mind of the average manager, panic sets in because he or she knows that until they take the time to look at the many processes within their organization, it will be dicult, if not impossible, to achieve the objective.



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