When Your Data Has Been Taken Hostage

Despite all efforts to detect and secure processing environments, businesses continue to experience an increase in malicious software attempts and invasions of their IT systems and networks. We explore the current trends and our recommendations for one of the most potentially damaging breaches; Ransomware.


Imagine yourself in your office at the start of the morning. With your coffee in hand, you awaken your computer to start your day’s activities. For some reason, you notice your computer seems slow, or maybe is not reacting to your commands as it has during your entire tenure on the job. Any attempt to open your files is met with an error message from your operating system that the file is not recognized.


After a few moments a cryptic screen appears possibly written in a foreign language or alphabet stating your files are locked with unbreakable encryption. It may even present itself as a lockdown of your computer from a spoofed federal law enforcement agency. What is going on, you ask yourself? You are about to enter a new dimension (Rod Serling inflection intended). You have been infected with Ransomware.




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