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Why Having a User Group Matters

Have you ever wished that a piece of software could be updated and tailored as your organization’s needs change? Most industries today are constantly evolving as technology is accepted and integrated. This is why choosing a vendor management software tool that has a user group is so important. User groups provide valuable insight into customer needs and improve the software for everyone involved.

A software user group is a set of professionals with similar interests, goals or concerns devoted to a technology, application, corporation or even to a specific product. Members have regular meetings, whether done annually or quarterly, globally or regionally, face-to-face or online. These are valuable forums for both customers and vendors.

User groups lead to the standardization of best practices that are shared by expert users and teach customers about the product they utilize. Software companies learn how to refine the product according to their customers’ needs. In the case of VendorInsight®, the benefits of user group feedback are delivered directly to the customers, with the majority of requested changes being designed and implemented into the vendor management software.

The Benefits of a User Group

User groups provide an opportunity to identify and voice any specific needs that require new features and/or enhancements to existing products or platforms. VendorInsight® wants your organization to create value by exploring functions and techniques that will streamline and enhance your vendor management program.

During our annual user group, VendorInsight® reveals new features and how to best use them to gain efficiencies within various programs. This network of individuals sharing common needs with each other provides access to best practices, expert experience and resources needed to increase productivity and your bottom-line.

User Groups Building Communities

Some companies don’t believe in the value of a user group. Without feedback from existing users regarding potential inefficiencies, the software can become obsolete to the organization it’s supposed to serve. User groups provide a means for customers to share information on best practices, tips and tricks with one another.

At VendorInsight®, we believe user groups are vital to our business to deliver the best industry-leading solution to customers. We are dedicated to regular interactions with our user group, building a community and network that benefits everyone.

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User groups help hold companies accountable to their customers’ needs. Customers who participate will also gain valuable experience for their own organization. At VendorInsight®, we understand that our user group tells us what is needed, and we make enhancements to meet those needs. Request a demo of the software, and we encourage you to ask us about the changes we’ve made that were recommended at our annual user group conference.

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