VRM Pro™ gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Some of our customers need more help than just great software. More people. More expertise. Instant success.

Do one of these statements describe you?


Our organization struggles to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of third party risk management.


We don’t have enough people or time to stay up to date with the endless vendor reviews and due diligence required.


We recently received an MRA or regulatory comment that requires immediate attention.

If so, then better software may not be enough.

With VRM Pro™ you still get our industry leading software, VendorInsight®, for all your audit and reporting needs, but you also get a more comprehensive, turnkey approach to improving your third party risk management program.

Explore whether our outsourced program, VRM Pro™ may be right for you.

We can get your program on the right track and achieve 100% compliance and then turn it back over to you to manage, or we can continue managing it for you. If you are like our other customers, relying on us is often the fastest and easiest approach. Plus, we deliver guaranteed results with 100% reliability.

In the end, VRM Pro™ will significantly improve your third party risk management program by eliminating the constraints and gaps you have today. We classify your vendors, rate their criticality, perform all the due diligence, and keep all your documentation up to date.

Here are a few of the important activities you can entrust us to manage:

Vendor contract and records input and maintenance.

Vendor contact information and geographical locations.
Vendor due diligence requests and follow ups.
Due diligence reviews and preparation of findings reports.
Facilitation to complete vendor inherent risk relationship profiles.
Completion of vendor residual risk assessments.
Vendor onboarding reports.
Vendor terminations.

VRM Pro™ could be the answer to your biggest vendor risk management challenge – not having enough time, people or expertise to keep up with everything, every day.

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