Where Are All of the Green Vendors?

Somebody asked us the other day what ever happened to all of the “green” or “sustainable vendor” enthusiasm that was so prevalent a couple of years ago. Good question! In most industries there has been such a fervent diligence around information security and risk – especially in the financial services industry – that the topic of sustainable sourcing and green vendors seems to have faded into the distant past. Rightfully so. When regulators have been hammering away at drafting and publishing new requirements and corporate risk managers and information security officers have been hound-dogging vendor selection and sourcing teams to do the proper due diligence, it is hard to see that there is much bandwidth to divert to sustainable sourcing. Well, we at least have some good news for you. In 2011 VendorINISIGHT implemented a paperless policy, an energy policy and extended our recycling policy to include technology, not just paper and plastics. The paperless policy had two benefits, with desks clear of paper, we provided another reason our employees could easily adhere to our information security policy that requires all confidential information to be locked up during non-business hours. It’s nice when green efforts complement good business practices, in this case information security efforts, rather than conflict with them. That’s not always the case as many who were engaged in sourcing and vendor management through the 2000’s can tell you. More often than not, special interests get in the way of running a business efficiently and effectively

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